How to wear Press On Nails with glue?

We are proud to say that we have one of the best nail glues that has stood the test of time and lasted a month for many of our customers. If you thought press on nails don't stay, think again because our glue stays and slays. If you too want nails that last weeks, watch the instructions video below. Our nail glue is human safe, non damaging, water resistant and strong enough to give you a hold of 2-3 weeks.

How to wear Press On Nails with glue tabs?

Glue tabs are your best choice whenever you want to wear your nails for short duration. With glue tabs, nails last upto a few hours to one day. Suitable for an occasion, glue tabs are super friendly and easy to work with.

How to remove Press On Nails?

The best part about Press On Nails is the ability to wear and remove them whenever you want to. The process below ensures that you can remove your nails without stressing your natural nails.