Pep nails, a caring brand has found an effortless way to do your nails: economically, instantly and at the comfort of your homes.
 This quick fix hit us when we realised getting nails done was a luxury which most of us could afford once in a blue moon. We were disheartened and we were not alone. Determined to provide value for money we set out to provide artificial nails, the idea that gave birth to pep nails. Besides being affordable, press on nails have brought the time to apply and remove nails to under 10 minutes. And, we honestly do believe, time is money!
 We could go on with why press on nails are the real deal but we do not want to bore you. Instead, we want to be a one stop store for all your nail needs. We promise to continually provide exquisite nail art that allows you to be fun, chic and creative without spending huge bucks.
Lots of love!
Stay Safe